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Predator Series Single Cone Roller Bits

Single Roller Cones - Bolt-On and Threaded

Predator Series Single Roller Cone

The Bolt on Single Roller Cone is a bit designed to be use on a navigational drill. When bolted onto the drill housing with the electronics inside, you will be able to navigate this bit through rough soil conditions. With the steep angle on the single roller cone you are able to steer by the clock on the locator. For example (place the head at six o'clock and push a rod into the soil and the bit will start to travel down.) Once the operator gets up against a hard surface the operator will then need to rock and steer. This is achieved by rotating the head back and forth allowing the cone to cut through the rock. With the water pressure and the proper Bentonite mix flowing through the drill rod to the front of the cone you will be able to remove most of the cuttings from the hole. The Predator Series Single Roller Cone is best used in hard pan, cobble, and broken formations.

Predator Series Availablity Chart
4-3/4" 120.6 Bolt On
6" 152.4 Bolt On
4-3/4" 120.6 2-3/4" API
4-3/4" 120.6 2-7/8" API
6" 152.4 2-7/8"API
6" 152.4 3-1/2" API

Thread Single Roller Cone Predator Series - Single Cone Bits